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Car Puddle Lights

Enhancing Style and Safety by Car Puddle Lights


Often a personalized addition to modified vehicles, car puddle lights are popular for their ability to provide nighttime illumination and the aesthetic appeal of multiple patterns and logos. Originally a feature offered only on high performance models, these lights can now be used on a wide range of vehicles, where it can bring a sense of luxury and individuality. Our light bodies differ from standard original equipment manufacturer (OEM) lights in that puddle lights are available in a range of designs, including a variety of brand logos, animal shapes, and cartoon characters, to provide a uniquely customized look to any vehicle.

Car Puddle Lights

What Are Car Puddle Lights?

Puddle lights are usually installed on the bottom of the car doors as interior ambient lights. Their previous function is to light up the ground when the door is opened, helping passengers avoid stepping into puddles or other obstacles in poor light conditions. Over the years, the concept of puddle lamps has changed from a basic safety requirement to a complex customized product that greatly enhances the aesthetic appearance of a vehicle.

The Aesthetic Appeal of Puddle Lights

In addition to this practical function of providing illumination at night, puddle lights can also be used as personalization and branding. Many luxury automotive brands such as BMW, Porsche and Audi have made branded puddle lamps a standard product on their vehicles, projecting their logo onto the ground. Not only does this significantly enhance the automaker’s branding, but as ambient lighting it also adds a unique mood to the vehicle.

BMW Door Lights

Safety Features of Puddle Lights

The importance of puddle lights for safety is obvious. By lighting up the area around the door floor, the risk of accidents that may occur when entering or leaving the vehicle in the dark is significantly reduced. This feature is very useful for preventing falls in unseen puddles or on wet ground. In addition, puddle lamps increase the vehicle’s visibility at night to other people, especially pedestrians, thus improving the overall safety of the vehicle

.Car Puddle Lights

Installation and Types of Puddle Lights

Puddle lights can be installed in various ways, depending on the type and model of the vehicle. The most common installation method is the Plug & Play type, which is user-friendly and does not require extensive modifications to the car. Other types include the Magnet type, which attaches magnetically to the vehicle, and the Drilling Type, which involves a more permanent installation. Each type offers its own set of benefits, catering to different preferences and vehicle specifications.

Cost and Accessibility

The cost of puddle lights varies depending on the type and brand, but they are generally an affordable accessory. The price range makes them accessible to a wide range of car owners, not just those with luxury vehicles. Additionally, the availability of different types of puddle lights ensures that there is a suitable option for various car models, making this feature more accessible to a broader audience. Some lower quality lights will sell less than 10 pounds/set , and the logo will discoloration in 2-3 months. Our lights use the high-tech with glass material ,which can keep the high definition logo and never fading. So you can order it with the one year warranty assured.


Car puddle lights are more than just a functional part of lighting; they blend safety, style and personalization. They offer practical solutions to common problems while allowing owners to add a personalized and customized style to their vehicles. Whether it’s for added safety, aesthetics or branding opportunities, puddle lights have become a sought-after accessory for many automotive enthusiasts. Their evolution from luxury to common automotive accessory underscores their growing importance and the enjoyment they bring to drivers and passengers.

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